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The Neuron Robotics Hexapod

The Neuron Robotics Hexapod is a low cost, mini hexapod. It was build to demonstrate the DyIO's co-operative motion planning system. The library that controls the hexapod uses a configuration file to determine the physical layout of the hexapod as well as electrical connections. This allows for a library of kinematics functions to work on ANY haxapod that you use the DyIO to control. Built into NRConsole is a configuration file editor and generator. To buy one check out the product page:

Hexapod Product Page

The code for this project can be found at:

Hexapod Tester SVN

For help assembling you very own Hexapod, download our guide at:

Hexapod Assembly Guide

See videos of the Hexapod in action!

Oscar the Trash-Bot

For Halloween in 2010, we dicided to put together a few parts we had around the office to make a "pop-n-scare" robot. We used a DyIO and added sound, a range finder and a bunch of surplus pneumatics. Total build time including programming was about 8 hours. We made a custom hand mechanism our of brake cable and a jaw inside a cheap Halloween mask.

The code for this project can be found at:

Oscar the Trash-Bot SVN

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